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Project Type

Social Media Management

Project Timeline

6+months (ongoing)

Project Stack

Sprout Social
After effects
FB creator studio
Tube Buddy


AirsoftC3 - (Forum)

Overview and project brief

Airsoft station is a retailer of Airsoft products that has two physical stores, one in Minnesota and the other recently open in Chicago. They also have a strong online presence, ranking on the top of the first page for a lot of related Airsoft search terms, and they are one of the top Airsoft companies in America.

However, there is still plenty of untapped potential and opportunity in the space of social media to increase brand awareness and reach—but more importantly—to increase sales and diehard customers.


Airsoft is one of the more challenging industries for a social media marketing effort. All of the social platforms won't let you advertise because of the close affiliation with guns—So everything has to be from organic growth and a unique trick that I will go over later.

On top of the restraints, organic growth is also hindered on platforms like Instagram because they also don't want to show posts organically related to guns.


The goals are to keep the social profiles active, increase reach and followers monthly and drive people to the website—to increase sales.  

// Daily Content
// Increase Followers & Reach 
// Increase Sales

The Plan 

First, I did a competitor analysis and found out the top 5 competitors and added them to sprout social. This lets me track all top-performing posts and get a good benchmark of what's happening in the industry.

I make my monthly reports through this software, and it keeps a detailed eye on what's working.

If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Improve It.

To Stand Out

Weekly News

I created a few unique concepts to stand out from the competition and build a brand on social media. The idea was on a Sunday I would post the "Airsoft Instagram Weekly." Which is a collection of user-generated content that's been happening that week.
This helps gets shares, follows, and website traffic. Most of the people featured will share it on their stories—because I ask for the share in the post and the caption. You don't ask you don't get.

I also reuse this style of post by uploading it to FB as a slide, then downloading the video and finally converting it to a Gif. This can then be used on different forums—where they don't allow video or multiple pictures. The post stands out even more than usual because nobody does it.


Multiple choice posts are a big driver of comments and sales. And, it doesn't require any new photography assets, plus it gives the option to promote three products in one post.


When managing the social media, I noticed there weren't too many Airsoft stickers in the Instagram library. This was a massive opportunity to take advantage off. So I created a brand Giphy account and made custom Gifs.
All the Gifs posted are branded with the Airsoft station logo, and come up if anybody types in Airsoft. So that's nearly an extra 100,000 views for the business over a short period.
I created some other cool designs, but they were banned—the whole close to a gun thing.

Youtube & Tubebuddy

With Youtube, I upload all the relevant descriptions with a link back to the website that the video is about, and I used Tubebuddy. What this software let me do I quickly find related tags to attach to the video to help increase reach and views, it also does A/B testing on thumbnails and tracks keywords.
Plus it speeds up the process of going through old videos and including tags and cards. Which has had a massive effect.

Reports and Tracking

Tracking of clicks & sales from social media is done through Google analytics, then uploaded to a Google sheet.

This is a clean way to stay on top of sales and is excellent for any eCommerce brand using social media to get sales.
Below are some of the results from the social media marketing campaign.
(Twitter Mentions  over 5 months comparison)
(Facebook Impressions over 5 months comparison)
(Instagram Engagement over 5 months comparison)

That's it!

I've had an excellent experience managing the social media for Airsoft Station. We have managed to get an increase in growth and sales compared to the previous year (even with COVID-19).

If you are interested in social media management, please reach out to me.